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Ai+Architecture LLC Selected for The Strategic Plan for The Jazan Region and The City of Jizan In The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Jazan, Saudi Arabia

The Jazan Region is Saudi Arabia's second smallest, but with the highest population density in the Kingdom. Located in the southeast corner of Saudi Arabia, the region extends 300 kilometers along the Kingdom’s Red Sea coast, and covering an area of approximately 12,000 square kilometers. The project includes environmentally sensitive areas includes the 3,000 meter high Al-Sarawat mountains and agricultural terraces, the Alhouzoun forest district, agricultural plains and the Farasan Islands, Saudi Arabia’s first conservation protected area rich in mangroves, sea life and migratory bird species. The Jizan Economic City is one of Saudi Arabia’s mega-projects
Ai +Architecture LLC in collaboration with 3 international and cross disciplinary firms will work over 30 months to define future development visions, create a regional and local strategic plan, and develop implementation plans for the Jazan region and Jizan city. The strategic plan will focus on urban & economic resiliency, integration and connectivity, effective & responsive urban governance and urban sustainability. Special emphasis will be on improved quality of life and built environments for residents, and complemented by new tourism facilities, “quick-win” projects, and urban design architecture and landscape architectural guidelines.

Collaboration: Nature Design Group (NDG), Urban Collaborative (UC), IBI Group