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Mengwu Village Center

Beijing, China

The Mengwu Village Center is located on a beautiful mountainous area northwest of Beijing. This tourism and hospitality complex includes a sports apparel store, three restaurants, a bookstore, a conference center and a mountain lodge. The project emphasizes the use of traditional elements expressing water, wood, fire, earth, and metal in a contemporary interpretation reflective of today’s lifestyle. The Village Center plaza spaces feature dramatic views of the mountains along the south side of this scenic valley. At the north side of the village an amphitheater is carefully set into the mountain's slope as an expression of the coexistence of nature and human activity. The Campers’ Corner is a bright venue for early morning activities such as stretching, coffee, and fireside conversation. A climbing structure is designed as a glazed lantern type enclosure that houses an active indoor/outdoor climbing tower that becomes the central landmark symbol of an active lifestyle. This project vision is to become the center of selfdiscovery and self-improvement at the "healthy corner" of Beijing.

Client: Vanke Beijing